Olympic 2020 Tokyo
Tokyo has been selected as the hosting city for the Olympic 2020. Weather if it was Tokyo or not, our office would have been building the main stadium for the event. I am understanding this event as a strong support for the redevelopment of Tohoku City in the long run. More over, I hope this has an effect for us to not use anymore of the nuclear power plant in Japan and to lead the others.

We are proud to say this iconic design will be inviting the world for Tokyo in 2020. We arichtectural designers in the office are driving for designs that will be fresh at the time when it is constructed. We architects are aware of what will be realisticly constructable in the next few years, 5 years, 10years and so one... This design will be sure to say the best in 2020 and hope to see loads of similar design by then in Tokyo.
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seems so smooth and nice! Cograts!
n | 2013/09/13 2:57 AM